VimDrills Philosophy

I realized today...

I realized today that I have been doing the VimDrills screencast for a few weeks now, but haven't actually shared the goals and thoughts behind this screencast with my literally dozens of viewers.

Actually learning Vim is more than just reading a blog post with a set of cool tricks, or stealing somebody's vimrc. So much of becoming a Vim wizard is in the muscle memory, and specifically being able to turn intent into execution without having to make a pit stop in thought.

The Goal of Vimdrills...

The goal of the VimDrills screencast series is to give us a set of guided drills each week. They will be middling in difficulty, with most being between simplistic and advanced. Then we will focus on training our fingers in that specific technique over the course of the week.

At the end of that week, we'll have made great progress toward true Vim mastery.

Please don't just dismiss a week if you already think that know a week's topic. I myself already "know" the majority of the topics I write about, but I find myself practicing over the days leading up to publishing each week's drill. And I find that it really helps me see how much further I have to go until I can start calling myself a master.

Keep Doing what You're Doing

Do this during your normal work day. You have things to get done, and I'm asking very little direct learning from you. What I hope you do though, is to be mindful of the week's drill, and force yourself to practice as you notice yourself being inefficient. This is the best way to make progress.

Thank You!

Thank you for tuning in, please sign up my weekly emails so that you never miss a drill, and I hope that your practice proves fruitful.


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